Reducing Skidding and Marring of Surfaces with Self Adhesive Bumpers


Self adhesive bumpers should not be mistaken for fenders. The buffers found at the front and rears of automobiles are also known as bumpers. They act as shock absorbers during minor crashes. This article talks about a different type of bumper. These are the rubber pads you use on desktops and a host of other surfaces in order to protect them from scratches. Rubber bumpers also protect objects from sliding against a table, desk or other surface. If the objects were to fall to an unprotected floor, they could break and get damaged. Below are examples of areas where a self-adhesive bumper would suffice.

  • A rubber bumper prevents your computer, keyboard, stereo speakers or telephone headsets from skidding and falling to the floor. The bumpers also absorb vibration generated during the equipment’s operation.
  • Self adhesive bumpers also come in handy when stuck at the end of drawers and cabinets. This helps to cushion the drawer from banging against the other end of the cabinet. Since they are self-adhesive, you do not have to apply any glue in order to stick them on a wooden, plastic or metallic surface. The bumpers also reduce or cut out the noise generated when you close drawers. Even if you were to mistakenly bang the drawer, it would do so with less noise.
  • Picture frames: You have spent money in buying paint and having your home’s or office walls painted. Picture frames have got sharp edges that tend to disfigure walls. By adding rubber pads on the corners of all picture frames, you will help protect walls from marring. You can have the entire picture frame padded or stick the padding in select places. Do the same with other wall hangings such as clocks and murals.
  • Glass table tops: Such a table top has the tendency of sliding. This happens unknowingly as you go about your work. Before you know it, the glass top could be tumbling to the floor. Glass tops are expensive and you cannot keep replacing them just like that. By putting self adhesive bumpers beneath the glass table top, you will have resolved the problem once and for all.
  • Cutting boards: These are the boards you use in your kitchen. The same are also used in meat selling points, hotels and restaurants. Owing to the nature of pressure applied on a board when cutting meat or chopping cooking ingredients, there is a likelihood of it skidding. Self adhesive bumpers can resolve this problem once and for all.

Using a self-adhesive bumper is easy as you only need to peel off its backing to expose the adhesive. From here, you then proceed to stick the bumper in the desired place. The bumpers are available in different styles and textures.

Self adhesive bumpers spare you a lot of effort and cost. You do not have to buy additional adhesive since they come in a ready form to fit. Go to visit us website.