Reduce Late Fees And Interest With A Florida Bill Pay Service

Financial Institution

There are many different ways to manage bill payments. Some people in Florida set up automatic withdrawals from their checking or savings accounts, while others may pay online through website or apps.

However, both of these options require that the individual have a banking account and also have the ability to set up online payments or in-app types of payments. Not everyone in Florida has a bank account, and there can be many reasons for this, from just moving to the state to those who may simply not have the requirement for an account.

For these individuals, and for either a short or long-term solution to paying bills on time, a bill pay service is an ideal option.

What Are Bill Payment Services?

A bill pay service offers a cost-effective, stress-free way to make sure major bills and even bills for some smaller companies can be paid on time. These services combine the benefits of check cashing with bill payments, meaning the process streamlined for the customer as well.

A small fee is charged by the service, which makes the electronic payment immediately. This fee is much less than the fees charged for a late payment, so it is a cost-effective option. They also provide a receipt for the payment, providing proof to the customer of the payment on the account.

Using the Service

To use a bill pay service, the individual needs to bring in an accepted type of check. Most services can accept all types of checks including tax refunds, payroll, personal checks, government checks and even checks from out of state.

In addition, people need to have valid identification and the account numbers for the bills they wish to pay. The entire process takes just minutes, giving the customer peace of mind the payment has been received on their account.