Recycling Statistics Are Shocking When Containers Are Available

Construction and Maintenance

People would be shocked if they actually knew how badly they were damaging the environment by the amount of trash that they throw away each year that could be recycled. Most families place on average about two bags of trash outside for trash collection each week. That is 104 bags per year for each household. If your city has a population of 14,000 people, then that would be a whopping 1,456,000 bags per year. These are bags that go straight to the dump, where nothing is recycled. What is so shocking about these numbers is that nearly 79% of the trash that is being dumped is actually recyclable. There is no reason for this much stuff to be thrown away when people can get recycling in Louisville containers for their home or business use. These containers can be small in nature, or they can be as large as dumpsters depending on your needs.

Not Nearly Enough People Recycle

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency estimates that only about 30% of trash that could be recycled each year ever makes it to a recycling plant. These numbers are pretty horrifying considering the fact that the environment is seriously hurting while humans just keep on using things and dumping away without regard to the adverse effects they are causing. A single person cannot solve the problem on their own, but it has to start somewhere. Everyone can at least contribute to make a difference. Recycling containers are great not only for regular households, but for cities as well. If cities would place these recycling containers throughout their localities, then more people would probably be apt to use them to recycle. Education is really the key here, because people don’t even realize what they are doing when they don’t contribute.

Learning How to Get a Recycling Container

Recycling containers are extremely cheap to rent, and they can be obtained from any dumpster company in your local area. Rates are often cheaper for recycling containers, so it makes it worthwhile for people to use them. In some cases, dumpster companies will even offer them for free, because the government will pay money towards the cost of recycling so that homeowners aren’t responsible for it. Some cities will even have curbside recycling bags that people can use if they don’t have dumpsters locally for people to use. The bags are often colored so that city workers know the different between the recyclables and the regular trash. Recycling isn’t hard to do, and people should take full advantage of the opportunity to do their part in making the world a better place to live in. This is especially true since the containers to recycle are available for free most of the time.