Protect Your Rights With An Attorney For Your DUI


Anyone who has found themselves facing a citation for driving under the influence should realize that the ticket they have gotten is something extremely serious. When a person is charged with a DUI, many things can change for them and everything that happens from that point forward has the potential to be very costly.

One way to help mitigate the damage that an impaired driving offense can have on a person’s driving record and future criminal record is to hire a DUI Attorney to represent them in court.
The courts are becoming less and less tolerant of impaired drivers and when there have been aggravating factors as part of the arrest, such as disorderly conduct or attempts to flee the police, the situation only gets worse.

DUI Attorney Rapid City clients are more likely to see their cases handled in a way that gives them the best possible outcome. When you hire a local attorney who knows the court staff and who is familiar with the prosecuting attorney, they can better discuss the options that each particular case has for resolution and they can get their clients the outcome that is going to have the least impact on their criminal record.

In cases where the ticket is a first offense, there may be some space to negotiate something of a lesser charge, but the specifics of the arrest would be the deciding factors in that option. A person who is pulled over by the police and found to show signs of intoxication, with no accident and no minor children as passengers, has a possibility that their attorney can work out a plea bargain for them.

For DUI Attorney Rapid City clients who have had prior arrests for impaired driving, the situation is quite different. The courts take a very dim view of repeat offenders in the category of impaired driving and if there has been anything in addition to the traffic stop, such as a collision with injuries, the attorney will be working with their client to find a way to help mitigate the effect this arrest will have on their future.

The best way to handle a DUI case is to be represented by experienced and savvy counsel for all court appearances.