Protect your Basement from Flooding with These Tips

Home Improvement

If you’ve taken the time to convert your basement into a living space, whether it’s a home office or a stylish living space, the last thing you want is for flooding to damage your new space. It can happen quicker than you might think! Follow these simple tips to protect your new pride and joy from flooding.

Prevention is better than cure
Whoever said prevention was better than cure was spot on in more ways than one. It makes sense to invest in protection for your home now, rather than dealing with a flooded basement later. In Albany, NY, flash floods often occur during storms, and before you know it you could be ankle deep in ground water, trying to protect your room from the elements. Protection starts with finding ways to divert rain away from your home – consider extending guttering so it isn’t close to your property, and if possible ensure that your yard slopes away from your home rather than towards it, to prevent water pooling.

Keep it clean
You can further protect your property by maintaining your gutters – a twice yearly clean, in the spring, and fall (after the trees have shed their leaves) should be adequate. If your gutters are blocked, you could find water pooling against your home’s foundations, leading to a flooded basement in Albany, NY; in this area it’s easy to find a water damage clean up company – but best to prevent the situation from happening in the first place!

Install a pump
By installing a sump pump, you can help reduce the risk of water building up in the basement of your home, during normal periods of rainfall. The pump acts similarly to a drain and prevents water from pooling.

Get covered
Always make sure that your home insurance includes flood protection – not all policies do so read your documents carefully, and if it’s not included, ring the company to see if you can have it added! If your current insurance company doesn’t offer flood insurance, you can ring the FEMA, who will provide you with a list of local agencies who do.

Act quickly
A home alarm system which alerts you to flooding in your basement is a great investment – the sooner you discover flooding, the quicker you can act to minimize damage to your property. Water damage can occur in minutes and cause thousands of dollar’s worth of damage to your home. By calling a water damage expert, you can ensure the drying out process begins immediately and damage to your property is minimized. Water removal and dehumidification are essential to prevent mold growth and further disruption to your home.

By following some of these simple steps, you can protect your basement from flooding, and ensure that if the worst does happen, you are covered.