Protect and Beautify Your House With the Help of Local Roofing Contractors Pocatello


The roof of your home serves a valuable purpose. It’s primary function is to protect your most important investment, the home you live in. To fulfill this purpose it needs to be well constructed and crafted from the best materials available. To this end, Roofing Contractors Pocatello use a variety of construction materials for covering the top of your home including slate, clay tiles, copper sheeting, steel panels and shingles. The latter can come in both metal and asphalt varieties depending on your needs and budget.

Along with repairing and replacing damaged roofs, most Roofing Contractors Pocatello also enjoy the installation of new roofing systems. Building a new roof isn’t exactly the same as replacing a failing roof. For one thing, new roof installations typically use all new products and a contractor such as Briggs Roofing will have a set of blueprints to ensure the job is handled to the customers specifications. Replacing a damaged roof on the other hand could require the contractor to handle everything based on their personal skill and experience which often makes the job more difficult.

When you are installing or replacing your roof you need to consider the type of covering that will suit the home best. Most homes use asphalt shingles because they tend to be the cheapest to install, however, they aren’t always the best option in the long run. For example, various Roofing Contractors Pocatello install a galvanized steel shingle system that simulates the look of many, more common roofing materials including the ever popular asphalt shingle. The interesting part though is the durability of these roofing products. Galvanized steel shingles can easily last for fifty years or longer when properly installed and most manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty on this type of roof covering.

Of course, installing or recovering your roof is only one of the procedures offered by your local Roofing Contractors Pocatello. In many cases the most important job they can perform is sealing those smaller leaks that can develop in the roof. Leaks can occur from storm damage or the simple failure of aging materials. For instance, pitch or tar based sealants can dry and shrink over time causing them to pull away from the edges of the shingles, flashing or vents they were trying to protect.