How Professionals Control Termites in Orange County

Pest Control

Many homeowners do not realize that they have a termite problem until the insects have done thousands of dollars worth of damage. However, professionals, such as Southern California Exterminators, can spot infestations in their earliest stages, and prevent more serious problems. Their multi-step process for controlling Termites in Orange County includes:

*   EXPERT INSPECTIONS: Regardless of the reason that customers Contact Southern California Exterminators, technicians generally check homes for a variety of pest problems. They are carefully trained to understand the nesting, breeding, and living habits of dozens of insects and rodents. During a routine evaluation, professionals can spot signs of termite problems, including mud tubes, sawdust pellets, and pinholes in walls. They will assess the extent of the problem, and advise homeowners of their options. Professionals also identify any damage that pests have caused, such as damaged insulation or wood, unsanitary droppings, and frayed electrical wiring.

*   REMOVAL: Modern exterminators offer “green” methods for eliminating Termites in Orange County. These environmentally friendly options provide effective solutions that do not harm residents’ health. Some methods allow clients to stay in their homes during treatments. Professionals may use Bora Care Natural Termite Control, which offers a safe and lasting solution. It works for many types of pests, including Formosan, dry wood, and subterranean termites, as well as wood decay fungi and wood destroying beetles. Experts also recommend Orange Oil termite control for dry wood termites. During this treatment, customers just have to remove plants and pets, and bag up food, but can stay in their homes.

  PREVENTION: Once termites have been eliminated, exterminators work with clients, to develop a plan for pest control and prevention. This may include annual inspections, as well as routine, ongoing service. In addition to termite control, technicians work to prevent and remove a wide variety of insects and rodents. Methods may include sealing off access areas, and teaching clients how to remove food and shelter that can attract pests.

Professional exterminators quickly find signs of termite infestations, even before customers realize that they have a problem. Experts are trained to safely and efficiently find, remove, and prevent termites, as well as dozens of animal and insect species.

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