What Is A Pressure Washer?


A pressure washer uses pressure, water and detergent to clean a multitude of different surfaces. These machines have been available for a number of years but it is only recently that companies have put them on the market at prices that most homeowners can comfortably afford. Prior to this if pressure washing in Columbia MD was necessary the service was purchased or a machine was rented. For most seriously tough jobs most people still do contract the work to professionals with heavy duty equipment.

Pressure washers are much more powerful than any garden hose although most pressure washers that target the domestic market use it and the same water supply. A small pressure washer can easily increase the pressure over a garden hose by a factor of anywhere between 15 times and 50 times. The high pressure is not only ideal for tough cleaning jobs; they actually use considerably less water to do a better job.

A pressure washer is a machine which multiplies the domestic water pressure and outputs it in a high pressure stream. The machine is powered by an electric motor or a small gasoline engine which runs a high performance pump. It is the pump that concentrates the water pressure and delivers it in a high pressure stream. The incoming water goes through the pump and then enters a high pressure discharge hose and finally through a wand which has a trigger control. The trigger allows the user to blast away at dirt and grime in short, regulated spurts or in a long steady stream.

Usually very high pressure washing in Columbia MD uses a gasoline powered machine. If the objective is to blast the surface, then high pressure is needed, if you want more pressure than you can get from a garden hose but not enough to blast oil and grease, then an electric motor powered machine is usually sufficient.

As much as horsepower is important, the most important element of a pressure washer is the pump. When you are considering purchasing such a machine check the pressure which is rated in PSI and also check the delivery which is rated in GPM, gallons per minute. If you only require heavy cleaning periodically, opt for a light domestic machine and hire a contractor for the hard work.

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