Powder Coating – Stopping Corrosion At Its Source


Metal finishing companies apply a variety of coatings to a substrate metal to achieve certain specified results. In Michigan, various companies apply a powder coating with a set purpose in mind. The intent is not only to produce a high quality product in terms of appearance; it is also to reduce instances of corrosion. Finishing companies find matching the coating to the metal substrate helps to address the problem of corrosion.

Corrosion: A Serious Problem

Corrosion presents a serious problem for many industries utilizing metal components. Those products placed in an unforgiving environment are open to various issues. The most common issue affecting optimum functioning of metal parts and items is corrosion. It can easily eat away at metal parts left exposed and unprotected.

Failing to institute defensive measures can result in serious and even fatal results. This applies to both outdoor and indoor applications. Corrosion can occur inside a plant under particular conditions. It can also happen when the object remains outside in certain environments for a definite amount of time.

Corrosion can result in

  • The shutdown of a plant due to unsafe conditions or malfunctioning equipment
  • Endanger the safety of people at work, inside a structure, walking over a bridge or driving along
  • Squandering valuable resources
  • Either the complete loss of a product or its production delay through contamination
  • An overall reduction in worker and material efficiency
  • The necessity to repair and maintain the issue can increase the monetary outlay

Michigan finishing companies and manufacturing firms are quickly coming to realize the importance of applying a powder coating to improve the ability of the product to resist corrosion.

Preventing Corrosion

Corrosion occurs when oxygen in the atmosphere reacts with the metal surface. This is common with steel and iron. To prevent it is actually a simple matter. It requires the application of a preventing coating. This will slow down or actually prevent the formation of a corrosive layer on the metal. While fabrication companies may apply a metal coating, some companies prefer power coatings. It is even possible to employ the two methods – powder coatings succeeding plating.

Powder coatings protect in two ways. Depending upon the material applied, they enhance the protective properties of the metal substrate. At the same time, the application of a coating separates the metal substrate from the atmosphere, therefore preventing any oxygen from coming into direct contact with the metal surface. This reduces the capability of oxygen forming a corrosive layer.

Corrosion Resistant Powder Coating

The corrosion of components, whether outdoors or in a factory setting, poses a threat to worker safety and structural longevity. The potential cost in human life and part/structure replacement is high. It is no time to be complacent. If a Michigan manufacturing firm which to show it is serious about fighting corrosion, it has to actively adopt measures that will reduce or even prevent its occurrence. One way of successfully combatting it is to apply the right type of powder coating.