Pool Contractor La Quinta – Steps on Designing a Backyard Pool

Construction and Maintenance

Having a pool in the privacy of a backyard can be very luxurious. It can be very useful during those hot summer days when the public pools are filled with people wanting to escape from the sizzling weather. Pool contractors like pool contractor La Quinta can always be hired to make that dream pool. However, those do-it-yourself kinds of person can opt to design a pool on their own.

After deciding where to build the pool, the first thing to do is to choose its shape. The configuration can be that of a circle, square, an L-shape, or a classic Grecian. It can be customized depending on the landscape of the backyard and the taste of the owner. Favorite shapes can always be considered. However, maximizing the space in the backyard is probably more important.

The size and depth comes next. In deciding on the dimensions of the pool, it is best to keep in mind the purpose on building the pool. A shallow and wide pool area is best for recreational type of pools, as pool contractor La Quinta might recommend. This is also true when the pool is intended for children. On the other hand, if the pool is for swimming laps, a longer and deeper pool with a depth of at least 5 feet should be made.

The next thing is choosing the type of material for the pool. pool contractor La Quinta gives you options like Gunite or concrete pools, which are the most popular types. They are often seen in commercial centers. Homeowners can choose to use gunite especially if the area of the backyard is irregular. However, gunite pools are labor extensive and come at a hefty price. Vinyl and fiber glass pools are pre-fabricated pools that are cheaper and require less work in construction. These pools can be finished at a faster rate.

Choosing from in-ground or an above-ground pool is somewhat important. In building in-ground pools, excavation has to be done. This means digging and more labor, not to mention money, involved. However, their design can be more versatile than its counterpart. Above ground pools do not need excavation when building them. Also, they can be moved to another location if the owner decides to do so.

Securing the building permits from the City Hall is an important part of the process. Construction of the new pool will not push through without the proper permits. If an excavation is needed, it is better to hire a construction crew. pool contractor La Quinta will mostly do all the dirty and difficult part of the job like putting the walls and pouring the concrete. Pre-fabricated vinyl or fiber glass pool will probably need a lot of men to put it in place. After this, the designs and other fixtures will be placed. Once the cement dries, the pool can be filled with water. A few finishing touches and the pool will be like paradise.

Making a pool is not that easy and cheap. After deciding on the details and concepts of the pool, finding the right contractor will make the job easy. A pool is not just a place for swimming during the hot summer days. It is a very important investment that should be well thought of.

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