Pamper your toes with a luxurious pedicure

Salons and Spas

Pamper your toes with a luxurious pedicurePedicures are something that women love to have to make their toes pretty and soft; at the same time, this procedure allows them to enjoy getting pampered. Many women will either go alone to have their toes pampered or they will make it a girl’s day out and catch up on the latest gossip. There are also other benefits to make you consider getting a pedicure. Make sure, though, that the place you are getting a pedicure in Tucson is clean and only uses sterilized equipment.

A good pedicure experience can make you feel like a million bucks; you will also have your dead skin and calluses removed. Pedicurists are trained to use specific tools such as pumice to remove dead skin and calluses.  If you have any calluses, it can cause your feet to have uneven pressure that can lead to pain on the bottom of your feet.  And calluses are extremely ugly and tend to leave the area around them terribly dry and cracked.

When you get a pedicure in Tucson, you should look for a spa that will only give you the top service and experience. They should start off your service by soaking your feet for about 10 minutes in a large bowl with warm water and sea salts from the Dead Sea. Some spas will have a specific chair that will have a small tub or basin at the bottom for you to place your feet. The tub may have jets that shoot out bubbles. Once your feet have been adequately soaked, they will clip your toenails, file your nails, and then use a pumice stone to smoothen that area under your feet.

For the relaxing part of a pedicure, the pedicurist can use reflexology which is a massage for your feet and legs. This massage will help with blood flow circulation and relax tired and achy feet and legs. When the foot is massaged on certain pressure points, it will send signals to other parts of the body and help ease other pains. Many people who get a pedicure in Tucson say that this part of the pedicure is their favorite. If you have a favorite lotion, this is a good time to have your pedicurist apply it on your legs and feet.  The lotion will keep the feet and legs moisturized.