Packing the Kitchen for a Move

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The kitchen is generally the hardest room in the house to pack. For starters, it’s a room that you need to remain functional while in your current house, yet it should be the first room that is up and running in the new house. Plus, a kitchen is typically full of odds and ends, sentimental pieces, as well as opened food and cleaning items that don’t lend themselves well to packing. Below are a few tips for packing up your kitchen before your moving company arrives at your Austin home:

  1.  Sort through any items you don’t want to keep or transfer. If they’re still useful, you can give them away or donate them to a local charity, such as the Salvation Army. You can also pass along special family items to a relative who may find them meaningful.
  2. Canned food adds weight to your load and is expensive to transport, so consider donating such items to a local church, food pantry, or struggling family you know. Either donate or dispose of perishables or frozen foods, since they will spoil before they reach their destination. Lightweight foods, such as pasta and soup mixes, can usually make the trip.
  3. Cleaning supplies that have been opened should not be packed. They can be given away or disposed of carefully. It’s a good idea to purchase a multipurpose cleaning product, however, to transport unopened and use for any immediate needs after you arrive in your new home.
  4. Pack a box of essential items, basically your last-to-go, first-to-open box of kitchen goods, to include dish-washing soap, sponges, and towels; coffeemaker, coffee, and filters; a table setting for each family member; paper towels; an all-purpose cutting knife; non-perishable foods, such as peanut butter and crackers and other easy-to-prepare foods that don’t require refrigeration or cooking.

Your moving company in Austin will transport your neatly packed kitchen while you carry a box of essential items with you for easy access upon arrival. Packing and moving is hard work, so when you arrive at your new home, relax with your family while a moving company in Austin does the heavy lifting for you.

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