Options in Road Surfacing Cheltenham Companies Offer

Construction and Maintenance

When it comes to road surfacing, Cheltenham companies specialise in all key areas – commercial, public as well as residential needs. Some of these companies are veterans in the industry who have been around for more than half a century and have garnered in-depth knowledge and experience in the industry.

More often than not public works departments and municipalities outsource road and surfacing work to them because they don’t have the expertise or resources to handle such work themselves. Commercial enterprises prefer professionals because the quality of the work is directly proportional to their overall business image. Many residential projects are done in the DIY manner unless the scope of work is vast or needs special skills. It makes sense to hire professionals in road surfacing Cheltenham area offers because they not only know the terrain better but also have the latest tools and technologies at their disposal – two very important aspects to make it a value for money proposition.

A look at the different areas of work in road surfacing Cheltenham professionals offer their customers –

Driveways – The make and materials for the driveway depends on the nature of the property as well as the choice of the owner. In general, commercial buildings usually go with tarmac, concrete, asphalt and at times gravel. Residential projects can also have one of the above though concrete is a popular choice due to its ease of maintenance, but gravel is also opted for. But owners who are more concerned with the overall aesthetic aspect usually opt for cobbled or brick driveways.

Communal Grounds – Communal grounds may not be subject to heavy vehicle wear and tear but they are nevertheless subject to a lot more usage than private grounds. For this reason surfacing on these areas need to be of sturdy as well as cost effective materials so that they last longer, be easy to maintain, repair and clean without costing the earth.

Pathways – Pathways are different from driveways in that they not subjected to the heavy vehicle usage, but need to durable all the same. Block paving and gravel are popular choices to encompass private and public grounds, gardens and lawns in the property. Add on features include steps and edging around the pathways as well.

Playgrounds and Sports Courts – When it comes to road surfacing for playgrounds the most obvious choice is tarmac. It is durable and cost effective and can withstand the patter of little feet for years without giving in to damage easily. They can also be decorated easily to make them more attractive for toddlers. Concrete and asphalt are common choices for tennis and basketball courts.

Car Parks – Concrete, asphalt as well as tarmac are used for car parks. All are easy to maintain and not easily susceptible to damage. Maintenance is also easy and low cost which make them preferred choices for public departments and business houses.