Need Money Fast? Gold Buyers in Detroit will Turn Gold Rings into Cash


The weak economy has been hard on many Detroit residents. There are some months when they have unexpected expenses and it’s hard for them to pay their bills. They may have been looking for items to sell or pawn and they found some old gold jewelry that they bought in better times. Gold prices have increased over the years and they may be surprised at what it’s worth. They should do their research and find out what the going price of gold is. They should then realize that many places will just sell their jewelry for scrap metal. Therefore they won’t get the full price. The Gold Buyers in Detroit needs to make a profit as well.

What they should know is that not all pawn shops, jewelry stores or even scrap-metal yards pay the same price. If the gold buyer at the C & L Exchange believes that the price of gold is going to increase in the next few weeks, he might be willing to pay at or near the full price. He’s betting that he’ll get a better price in the future. However a more pessimistic buyer will offer less because they are fearful that the price of gold will drop in the next few weeks. If the jewelry is in good condition or was made my a famous jewelry designer, the pawn shop owner might decide to sell the it as jewelry and not as scrap. It might fetch a higher price because of the quality of the design.

When a person wants to sell their jewelry to make ends meet, they may not want anyone else to know. Pawn shop owners are used to conducting confidential transactions. Pawn shops are very safe environments because there are usually security guards and cameras systems. They have private areas where knowledgeable gold buyers will tell their customers what a gold necklace or ring is worth. If the seller likes the price, then he will get cash immediately. The C & L Exchange has been in business for over 25 years, because they give a fair price for gold jewelry. They also treat people with respect.

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