My Accident

Law And Legal

The last thing I remember is the sound of tires skidding on ice. I don’t even think my panicky mind processed what the sound actually was. I remember the feeling of weightlessness when the car flipped over. I would like to state, on record, that actual car accidents are nothing like they show in the movies. It doesn’t happen in slow motion and there definitely is no soft music playing in the background. What I wouldn’t have given for some sweet song to have replaced the immensely scary sound of metal crunching! The most reassuring sight was the blinking blue lights of the ambulance and police cars that drew up. Everything was a blur until we got to the hospital.

My hospital stay was filled with a flurry of concerned friends and family who kept me company and raised my low spirits. The nurses and other hospital staff were kind enough to ignore the mini party that was always going on in my room. But on the flip side, my medical bills were mounting and my faith was failing me. But I had always been a strong, positive person. So I soldiered on through the whole experience, with a huge grin plastered on my face. I knew I would somehow find a way to deal with the economic and physical repercussions of the accident.

As I recovered from the accident, I realized that there was a lot of paper work to be completed concerning the accident. What I had been earlier unaware of, was that the accident had been caused by a drunk driver who rammed into my car when he ran a red light. I had to contact some lawyers who worked in Personal Injury in South Wales. I had no idea how to go about the whole matter and the lawyers working in personal injury in South Wales definitely smoothed the whole matter over. They got me the compensation owed to me and that was a huge help with the medical bills.

I know it is hard to imagine that someday, you could be in an accident for no fault of your own. But if you are ever in such a situation, remember there are people that can help you fight your fight. Don’t let people rip you off what is owed to you. I am so glad I hired the lawyers working in Personal injury in South Wales. They helped me find justice in the entire injustice of having to go through all that pain and inconvenience of being involved in an accident caused by some random irresponsible stranger. Basically it just goes to show, that whenever you are faced with a problem, somehow a solution will arise. All you have to do is smile.