More Information About a Columbus Ohio Ac repair Firm


Air conditioners (AC) are used to alter temperature and humidity of a room to the levels favorable to the user. The equipment may breakdown from time to time depending on quality and frequency of use. Other services offered by a professional ac repair in Columbus Ohio firm include carbon monoxide testing and diagnosis of faulty compressors and /or heat exchangers. It is always best to consult with a Columbus Ohio Ac repair firm when you experience issues with your machine. The firm offers a wide array of repair services this include:

Types of Repairs

  • Duct Cleaning: Done to remove particles that may accumulate from time to time.
  • Replacing of Rotten Insulation: A rotten insulation leads to high energy utilization by the AC unit. Replacement includes removing the rot and fitting new foam.
  • Unclogging condensate drain: A drain tube is clogged because of accumulated slime. This not only makes the AC inefficient, but also leads to high power consumption and dirtying of surfaces.
  • Blower Motor repair: When the blower motor is not working properly, the cooling or warming effect of the AC is reduced. A repair in time can prolong the AC life span.
  • Leveling the concrete pad: A sinking pad impairs full AC functionality. Leveling it optimizes the AC’s performance.

How to Cut-Down on Repair Costs

Some ‘Do It Yourself’ tricks can help you gain control of the repair and maintenance costs. These include:

  • Cleaning the AC condenser unit regularly: by eliminating dirt, the efficiency of the AC is increased.
  • Keep the place clean and close openings when the AC is on: when the unit is on, it sucks in more particles than when it is off. When the doors and windows are closed, chances of the unit sacking in dust are greatly reduced.

Getting the Services

When seeking ac repair services in Columbus Ohio, check out for the following:

  • Business accreditation: Engage only with firms that have professional accreditations.
  • Warrant of service: Should be at least 1 year.
  • Availability of competent, experienced, and licensed personnel.
  • Location and service hours: It is advisable to look for a firm that is not only near you, but can also offer you services whenever you need them.
  • Pricing: To avoid hidden charges, seek a firm that is willing to give an estimate before the service is performed.