What Matthew 24:14 Commentary Says About The End Times


revelationrevolution.org logoEven the biggest skeptic when it comes to Biblical end times prophecies has to admit that some of the current news reporting across the world seems rather doom and gloom. What is right seems wrong in many cultures and those on the right side of the theological argument seem to be the ones most hated in their societies. While this may all point to the coming end times we must remember that when we read topics such as Matthew 24:14 commentary, the end is coming but no one knows exactly when.

As many pastors are quick to point out, the end times can come for any of us any day. For some countries where a typhoon or earthquake has hit they have had hundreds of thousands of their citizens wiped out in a single catastrophe. For others however, this sign of many peoples being taken out in a catastrophe signifies the coming times for the entire earth. The Bible clearly states that no one will know the time or the hour so to always be on guard like an employee that does not know when their boss is coming home.

Then there is a group on the other side of the religious debate that Jesus talked about all peace, love, joy and acceptance and the possibility of bringing the end to the world is far too unloving. That is when you can read Matthew 24:14 commentary and clearly see that Jesus did preach about the end and what that means to civilization. At this point we can clearly see that the all knowing God has constructed a place where mercy without justice would not be mercy at all.

When you read Matthew 24:14 commentary you have to put into perspective that there are certain criteria that must be taken into account before the end of the world as we know it. There has to be world wide evangelism, wickedness would prevail and once again, you have world wide catastrophic events take place in the natural world. Looking back over this list is easy to see how people may construe this as the end of the world, but keep in mind, the 12 disciples also thought that their world contained all of these prerequisites as well.