The Many Services Available for Drinking Water in White Lake, MI

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Business

Drinking water is not something that falls from the sky. It is something that needs to be captured, properly cleansed, and purified for the highest quality Drinking Water in White Lake, MI. Many people ignore these steps and choose water from the faucet. But the best water purification is available to those who seek it out. Douglas Water offers a myriad of service offerings to make water intake healthier- as well as taste a whole lot better. For the home or the office, the following Drinking Water in White Lake, MI services will introduce users to a whole new potential in the quality and taste of excellent water.

Bottled Water: Perhaps more appropriate for events, bottled water can be stocked easily and dropped right off at the office or other noted location. Because the cost comes in bulk, it usually rivals the price found at the local grocery store that need to sell the 24 packs as single units.
Reverse Osmosis: This special type of water filtration reduces build up of chlorine, lead, nitrates, and generally dissolved solids. The technique is complicated, but it essentially cleanses the water the freshest and most innovative way.

Water Coolers: Get a water cooler installed, maintained, and repaired entirely with Douglas Water. Interestingly, water coolers offer a few options for users. A hot option allows for instant hot tea or soup. The company also offers monthly rentals or a rent-to-own option for greater convenience. Keep in mind, steady updates and check-ups come with the service. This allows the Drinking Water in White Lake MI quality to remain at its highest potential with water filtration maintenance.

Full Repair: Douglas Water provides maintenance and repair for a multitude of Drinking Water in White Lake, MI manufacturers and their respective equipment. These include EcoWater, Lakeland, Rainsoft, Whirpool. Wolverine, Artesian, Culligan, and others. The company offers a full repair on any of these types of coolers and products. The problem may go beyond just a simple water softener tablet.

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