Managing Your Home Insurance Costs in Middletown, CT


As a home owner, you are probably all too aware of the rising expenses of insuring your house. The cost of materials and labor are steadily increasing, which means insurance providers have to pay more to cover the same repairs that were relatively inexpensive ten years ago. In addition, the frequency and severity of bad weather in many areas has led insurers to charge even more on the most basic of policies, simply to guarantee that they won’t lose money in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency. There’s no question that you have to carry home insurance in Middletown CT but the cost can often be prohibitive, so it’s essential to identify proactive steps you can take to make your home safer and more secure in order to convince your insurer to drop the cost of your premiums.

Home security is a major issue for insurance providers. While crime rates are holding steady in most areas, almost every home owner can expect some kind of crime or damage to their property at some point in the home ownership experience. What concerns your insurer is your likelihood to file a claim against your policy and force them to pay out, which is why insuring a home in a crime-ridden area is often more expensive than more sedate neighborhoods. There are a number of simple tools that you can utilize in and around your home to minimize the risk of criminal damage, including a home security system that is monitored remotely, flood lights around the perimeter of your home, and shrubbery that is kept trimmed back from windows and doors. Making simple repairs around the home is also an effective way to lower your premiums; a home with obvious signs of damage or clear potential for mishaps is likely to lead to a jump in the cost of your policy, so make a point of monitoring and repairing issues in a timely manner.

There’s no question that home insurance in Middletown, CT isn’t cheap, but with the right approach, you can reduce the cost of your premiums and make home ownership slightly more affordable for your family. For more information, visit us for tips and hints that can help you save on your home insurance policy.