Make Your Home Shine with A Glass Tile

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A glass tile can magically transform the interiors of your home and add a touch of luster to your décor. Glass tiles have been around since 2500 BC. This means that they have been a part of our ancient history. They too have undergone tremendous evolution since then and today, they form a very significant part of our homes. You can use glass tiles in your kitchen or your bathroom to create a very modern, sophisticated look. The best part is that a glass tile can be incorporated with many others of its kind in different colors and patterns to give you a beautiful mosaic of glass tiles. The end result is a stunning bathroom that truly refreshes you every morning or a fabulous kitchen that instantly appetizes you.

What Is A Glass Tile

A glass title is essentially molten glass that is poured into molds and allowed to set into slabs. In its molten state, glass can be molded into any shape you want. That is what makes a glass tile so ideal for beautiful mosaics. The molten glass can be mixed with metal oxides to give it a stunning color. Glass tiles of several different such colors can be combined together to create an organized or a random pattern. This is what we call a mosaic and is of very popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens all over the world.

Why Should You Use A Glass Tile In Your Home

One of the answers to this question is very simple – because glass tiles look absolutely stunning anywhere. Due to its ability to reflect light, a glass tile imparts an impeccably shiny surface wherever you are using it, be it on the bathroom wall, kitchen counter or anywhere else you like. Due to the inherent colorless nature of glass, it can wear your favorite color and give you the perfect color palette. A glass tile can be opaque or transparent based on what you like and where you’re using it. All these qualities make the glass tile an extremely desirable thing to have in your home.

Among its other attributes, a glass tile is extremely hard and difficult to break. It does not absorb water and hence doesn’t get stained or dull colored overtime. Even if you end up making the worst mess on a glass tile, you can easily wipe it clean and it will return to being just as gorgeous as it always was. Glass tiles these days come in a variety of colors and designs with some collections featuring over 40 to 50 different colors to choose from. With options so versatile and beauty so remarkable, a glass tile is the perfect way to add some color and glitter to your home.