Maintain Cleanliness in Your Home With Water Heater Repair in Memphis


One of the more useful appliances to be found in any home is a hot water heater. This is because hot water serves a variety of purposes such as warming the bathwater or washing the dishes. Unfortunately, it can take quite a bit of effort to keep a busy household supplied with all the heated water it requires. Part of the problem is the way most homes heat the water they use. The typical water heating system uses a storage tank that collects fresh water from the cold water line. These tanks range from about ten gallons to one hundred or more, but the average home uses the forty gallon variety.

There are two primary types of tank based water heaters and the repairs they require will depend on the heating method. The most common heating system uses natural gas or propane for fuel. The burner is usually placed under the tank and heats the bottom of the tank itself. The typical water heater repair in Memphis for these units will fix or replace the fuel metering control, pilot lighting system or burner. Sometimes, heating the tank can lead to leaks as the metal gets fatigued. This type of damage is not repairable.

The other water heating method uses electrical resistance. With water tanks smaller than forty gallons there is usually one heating element installed at mid-level in the tank. With larger tanks there should be one element in the lower portion of the tank and another towards the top. Dual element tanks can heat the water more evenly and allow for quicker heating times. Unfortunately, dual elements can occasionally make it difficult to tell when the electric water heater is failing unless both elements burn out simultaneously. Another problem the electric water heater may experience is a broken or shorted thermostat.

One interesting option for providing heated water is the inline or flash water heater. These are basically instant access hot water systems that provide heated water on demand. As such, they can be installed where they are needed such as in the kitchen under a counter or in the bath by the tub. In households where hot water is in high demand you can install multiple flash heaters as required. If you are looking for water heater repair in Memphis or need to update your current system be sure to contact an expert like Drain Go Plumbing.