Looking for a Reliable Auto Repair Shop in Beaverton?

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When it comes to getting your car, truck, van, or SUV repaired, reliability plays a big role. With the unfortunate stories out there of people getting the rug pulled out from underneath them by garages, it’s hard not to feel uneasy about the process. But it doesn’t have to be as daunting as you may think! It is possible to find an auto repair shop in Beaverton that operates ethically and can get you back out on the road quickly and easily.

Word of Mouth
Garages like Du Fresne’s Auto Repair operate on what’s known as “word of mouth advertising”. This means that they rely solely on customer referrals to generate business. As you could imagine, companies like this tend to have a great track record with both their customers and the general public. When you focus in on a garage that relies on this type of advertising – not the paid kind – you can feel good about your choice.

Experience Matters
While newer garages may look shiny and pretty, experience goes quite a long way in this industry. The more experience an auto repair shop in Beaverton has, the better chances you have of them doing the job you’re looking for. Do your research and find out just how long a garage has been in business.

Extensive Services
The more service offerings an auto repair shop offers, the better your chances are of working with a shop that is extensively trained in the auto repair industry. Whether you’re taking your car in for a simple tune up or a complex repair, the capabilities of the staff can go a long way. While these may seem like erroneous details to some, they can really make big difference in the kind of service you receive when taking your car in for service.

Du Fresne’s Auto Service has been proudly serving the Beaverton and surrounding areas since 1968. With decades of experience under their belt and an extensive selection of services to choose from, you can feel good about bringing your vehicle to Du Fresne’s. To learn more about their business, visit dufresnesautorepair.com.