Why Your Local Family Dentist in Warren is Important


A toothache can happen suddenly, even if you follow all the recommendations for good dental hygiene. The pain could possibly disrupt your daily life. How should you treat it and what could you do to avoid it? The first step is to ensure you schedule regular visits to your local family dentist in Warren.

During early childhood, the time when teeth first appear, toothaches are frequent. Teething babies cry constantly because they are in pain constantly. Normally, it is not necessary to take your child to the dentist at this point. Dentists recommend that you simply apply a light local anesthetic, something that you can buy without a prescription. Apply the gel on the gums and give the baby a soft teething ring to play with.

In adults, a toothache is potentially a sign of infection. This must be treated immediately, as it can affect your gums and teeth. If you do not have contra-indications, a painkiller can relieve pain quickly, but it is only a temporary fix. However, avoid the use of drugs that contain ibuprofen, as this can worsen the situation if you have a dental abscess. If this is the case, it is strongly recommended to contact a dental clinic. A cavity or abscess will not heal themselves, and only a dentist has the skills to alleviate the issue.

In other cases, some warning signs should prompt you to consult your Family Dentist in Warren. These consist of:

1. Intense and sudden pain;
2. Pain that keeps you awake at night;
3. Pain associated with fever; and/or
4. Unexplained swelling.

These conditions are a sign of a more serious problem, and require that you speak with a dental specialist. If the toothache persists, an immediate visit to the dentist is necessary. The treatment of the tooth, a review of the overall health of the tooth, maintenance and cleaning of the gums will be performed. Visiting a dental clinic regularly and maintaining good overall health, will help you avoid potential oral complications in the future.

For more information about maintaining good oral hygiene, contact us or visit today. Making Beautiful Smiles will provide you with a comfortable and welcoming experience that will improve your health and keep your smile beautiful.