Life After A Work Place Accident

Law And Legal

If you have recently been involved in a workplace accident or injury, then the very last thing that would be on your mind is to call a Newark Workers Compensation lawyer to review your options. And that shouldn’t be your first priority either. You should first seek immediate medical assistance, so that your immediate injuries and any aftermath from the trauma are medically tended to. However, as soon as your condition allows it, your next priority should be to seek a consultation with a law firm experienced in Workers Compensation matters.

One crucial piece of advice that any seasoned Worker’s Comp specialist will give you, is to notify your employer, either through your union representative – if you work for a union shop – through your immediate supervisor, or through the company’s Human Resources department. However it is done, immediate notification to the relevant authority of your injuries will stand you in good stead down the line, should you require to enforce your claim for workers compensation.

While it’s true that not all employers harbor ill intent against their employees, when it comes to compensating them for legitimate injuries suffered on the job, in most cases the decision to fight your claim comes not from your employer, but from their insurance companies. Therefore, you need to make sure you have appropriate legal representation safeguarding your interest, and not that of your employers.

While you are under treatment at a medical facility, make sure that you discuss all your injuries with the attending physicians. Some people will ignore telling their doctor about “minor” symptoms they develop post an accident. However, as any Newark Workers Compensation lawyer worth his/her reputation will tell you, no detail is too small when it comes to strengthening your case for a subsequent successful claim for compensation or wrongful injury.

Your medical records, related to immediate treatment following the accident, as well as those pertaining to any follow-up treatment you may have received for those injuries – however extended that period may be – will be requested for review by your employers insurance adjustors as well as their legal team. Mention of any and all injuries and symptoms in those records will therefore leave no doubt about what caused those injuries, should your case go to trial.

As an employee in Newark your Workers Compensation lawyer will also advise you never to sign any “open consent” form that gives opposing legal counsel the right to inspect your medical history prior to your accident. Any consent that you provide should pertain only to medical records related to the accident, and not before then. And the reason for that is, your employer’s legal team is anxious to prove that your injuries, or subsequent medical condition, are not directly related to the workplace incident. To do this, they need ammunition. And sometimes, prior medical records can be very cleverly misinterpreted is a way that obfuscates the true circumstances of your injuries. The less you help them, the more you help yourself.