Lewes DE’s Best Air Conditioning Contractor Suggests Tips For Your Unit

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Ensuring that your home or business stays cool when you need it to be is the job of your air conditioning unit. When your air conditioning fails to report for duty, your home or business is going to experience some pretty hot moments. An HVAC contractor who has the reputation as Lewes DE’s Best Air Conditioning repair technicians has seen many challenges in working on various air conditioning units. Here are some of the things you may be glad that you found out about air conditioners.

  • One of the more common problems that show up when technicians come out to repair air conditioners is that people fail to change the air filters. The air filter is what causes your unit to “breathe” properly. It should be changed or cleaned once a month during the operating system. Use filters that has a high MERV (minimum efficiency rating value) that you will have better filtration.
  • To ensure that your air compressor and condenser work at maximum efficiency, allow about 2 feet of space all around the system so that there are no occasions for restrictive flow. If possible, install the unit out of the path of direct sunlight. Contact with direct sunlight will cause your unit to operate at less than 100% output.
  • You can help your unit along by using blinds and/or shades. You could also use other air cooling services along with your unit (such as floor fans and ceiling fans). The less your unit has to put out, the longer it will last.
  • You might be surprised to know that the more interior doors you have closed, the more your air conditioning unit will be imbalanced. Keeping them slightly open will improve your unit’s efficiency.

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