Learn More About Braces in Tampa


Do you have crooked or misaligned teeth? Have you been told that your teeth do not line up correctly? Although orthodontic braces are used often for teenagers to achieve maximum dental health, it is never too late for adults to achieve the same beautiful smile they have always wanted. Well-aligned teeth are attractive and important for speaking, chewing and to prevent dental pain in the future. Learn how orthodontics straighten and align the teeth and jaw with information from Braces Tampa.

The Application of Braces Tampa

Orthodontics provides safe and effective treatment for misaligned teeth with the application of constant pressure and adjustments. Traditional metal braces use wires that push and pull the teeth into place over a period of time. As teeth slowly move into the desired alignment, the dentist continues to adjust the pressure by tightening the metal and forcing to the teeth to straighten further.

In addition, the pressure from the braces strengthens the bones in the upper and lower jaw and positions the bite in better alignment. Braces may be used to treat bites that are misaligned and provides a healthy foundation for a high-quality of life.


How does the Dentist Apply Braces?

Only your dentist can tell if you are a good candidate after a full visual examination. Typically, X-rays, digital 3-D photos, molds and impressions are made as part of your dental plan of care. After your teeth are prepared, each tooth is banded and a bracket is cemented with bonding material and hardened by a special light. Spacers may be placed between teeth to prevent crowding or to simply make room for adjustments in the future. A wire is then threaded through the brackets to provide the pressure that will be applied to straighten the teeth. Although the process sounds like a long proposition of time, dentists can apply these methods quickly and visits are not as long as you may imagine.

Adjustments and Appointments for Braces Tampa

Once braces are in place, the process of straightening the teeth can begin. Usually, wires need to be tightened and adjusted to move your teeth into place about once a month. As the teeth slowly move into their new alignment, the beauty of a new smile begins to be revealed. Braces may be worn anywhere from six months to two years and half years. The day they are removed may be celebrated with great day and a beautiful smile.