Landscape Design In Shreveport LA Is Done To A Very High Standard.

Construction and Maintenance

With the arrival or casino gambling, landscape design in Shreveport LA is being done to a very high standard. The casino operators are very proud of their establishments, and they maintain them up to the nines. The casinos attract more tourists than locals by far, and when a tourist is in Shreveport or across the river in neighboring Bossier City, they want more than gambling. Eye candy is very important to the tourist who will not spend all day pulling on a “one armed bandit”. They want four and five star accommodation, high end restaurants serving not only the native Creole food (as good as it is by the way) but other ethnic foods and a variety of night life and entertainment.

To pull it all together, Landscape design in Shreveport LA has played a very big role. As one casino blends into its neighbor, the riverbank that they share becomes a common threshold. With tastefully designed aquaculture, landscaping and hardscaping, the result is near perfection.

This mind set has quietly spilled over to other commercial areas and into residential districts. What was the old downtown area has been “cityscaped”, with shaded pedestrian walks, garden gazebos , brick street veneer. The transformation from being a seedy part of town to a “must see” attraction is very rewarding for the city government who were instrumental in its happening.

The Historic Homes Also Get A Taste Of Landscape Design In Shreveport LA.

In the old part of town is a district called “Highland”. Here you will find more homes that were built and inhabited by the rich during the boom times when “black gold” was gushing out of the ground. These homes are now lovingly maintained by the current owners, many of which are in politics, the professions or in business. The original landscaping has been maintained and enhanced over the years. With the clever addition of retaining walls, fountains and outdoor living areas, the old and the new blend into one harmonious display.

Landscaping is no longer a job left to small firms who call every week or two to cut the grass. Sure, not all homes and businesses have professionally designed and manicured gardens, but for those who wish to go this route; those who are as proud of the outside of their home as they are of the inside, then Landscape design in Shreveport LA is available from a number of highly qualified architects and designers. These company’s also take great pride in what they do, they have single handedly morphed old Shreveport into new Shreveport. The parks and recreation department of the city has followed suit. Attractive parks, now containing tennis courts, swimming pools and other recreational opportunities dot the city. After being subjected to Landscape design in Shreveport LA, the city is now priding itself on its clean and green appearance.