Is Septic Tank Cleaning Required for Every Five Years?

Construction and Maintenance

Many think that a technically well-functioning septic tank is appropriate for domestic use and nothing extra needs to be done to it, in order to continue with its proper functioning. However, this idea is not true, and actually the septic tank has to be cleansed periodically, in order to assure complete safety in your household environment. You can hire a good septic tank cleaning service in West Milford, NJ to get your tank cleansed.

It is suggested that houses with garbage disposal system should cleanse septic tanks once in every year, whereas houses with no garbage disposal systems should clean septic tanks once in every 3-5 years. It is advised that you should not opt to clean your septic tank by yourself, in case you are not trained. Well-designed and larger septic tanks have a capacity to accumulate disposed waste for 3-5 years. The lightweight waste materials usually float on top of the tank surface and the heavier wastes reach the bottom of the tank.

Why cleaning and pumping septic tank is necessary?

You should get your household septic tank cleansed once in a period of every 3-5 years. You can hire a reliable septic tank cleaning service in West Milford, NJ to do the needful. When the heavy solid wastes are disposed at the bottom of the tank, it is clogged there, thus allowing fewer passageways for fluids to pass. When the fluids cannot reach to the bottom of the tank, it might overflow. Therefore, it is necessary to pump out wastes out of the septic tanks.

The wastes deposited in the septic tank are decomposed, and as these tanks are a type of covered water bodies, mosquitoes and flies find it appropriate to breed there. This might lead to an unhygienic environment in your domestic surroundings, so it is better that you hire a good septic tank cleaning service and get your household septic tank pumped out and cleansed periodically. Special equipments are to be carried and specialized uniforms are to be worn during septic tank inspection and cleaning procedures. The tank region is equipped with methane gas, which is harmful for human respiration. Therefore, usually oxygen masks are worn while someone goes inside the tank.

The cleaning of septic tank is to be conducted systematically. First, a thorough inspection of the tank is to be done, so that the faults are detected. Sometimes, it may happen that there are not enough spaces left for accumulation of liquids at the bottom of the tank, post excessive deposition of solid wastes at the bottom region. Cracks might develop in the concrete walls due to clashing of solid wastes, or heavy pressure of liquid. Such cracks are to be mended; else, leakage might take place, which is quite dangerous.

You should hire a reliable septic tank cleaning service provider in the city, which offers high quality services at affordable prices. You should hire such services periodically, once in every 3-5 years, so that you can be assured of a healthy condition of your household septic tank.

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