Is a Senior Living Community Healthier for Seniors than Living Alone?


There are many seniors who want to remain in their own home for as long as possible; however, recent research has shown that in many cases, a senior living community in Glendale, AZ may be a much healthier option. This is especially the case if the senior’s spouse has passed away.

While seniors may prefer to remain at home, this often isn’t the most informed or best option for their health and well-being. There are far too many seniors who look at these facilities as a sentence where they are going to die. These people don’t realize that today’s senior living center is a much healthier option, offering an array of care options, activities and amenities.

The Problem with Seniors Living Alone

In most cases, the reasons seniors or their family choose Glendale assisted living is because the senior’s health has begun to fail, they are no longer to handle day to day tasks or because their home is no longer comfortable for them. If their spouse passes away, they may also become lonely.

While living alone is an option for some, a home can become uncomfortable when one person is gone. The day to day chore of taking care of the entire home alone can be quite a bit for anyone to handle, especially a senior. These duties can begin to take a toll on their health, and they no longer have the companionship of their spouse, which makes the situation even worse.

Recently, senior care facilities have broadened their services to provide more care and recreational activities, including retirement care, respite care and hospice care. For many, this is a much healthier and safer option than remaining in their home, alone.

Why Senior Living Facilities are a Safer and Healthier Option

While there are options to have someone come to the seniors home to help them, these options are typically quite costly. This is why it is best to consider all the benefits of senior living in Glendale, AZ.

Today’s care options are safer and healthier. Not only do the facilities offer a number of amenities and activities for socialization, healthcare, dining and more, there is also always someone around to help. The senior will be able to interact with others their age and have a staff available to help with any issues they may encounter. Risks such as falling and suffering an injury, or being unable to get to the bathroom are no longer a concern for seniors, or their families.

If you are still on the fence about whether or not assisted living in Glendale, AZ is the right option, it is a good idea to review the information here. While there are other options, assisted living is a safe and healthier option for most.

More information about assisted living facilities can be found by visiting the A Caring Hand for Mom (and Dad) website.