International Moving Companies – Services Offered for Houston Residents


Moving companies in the U.S. that offer services for relocating individuals to other nations of the world utilize a particular array of resources as well as experienced personnel to handle these types of projects effectively. These services are provided by international moving companies. Houston is served by highly capable companies that offer a targeted array of services to facilitate these moves.

International Moving Services

It’s one thing for a moving company to handle long distance relocations within the U.S. However, international relocations offer additional challenges beyond standard domestic relocations. The services employed by international moving companies to accomplish these relocations effectively include:

* Full or partial packing/unpacking

* Personal move management and custom-designed move planning

* Short-term and long-term storage

* Free move preparation packet

* Property protection

* Online move tracking

* Crating and specialty packing

* Air, ocean and/or land transportation

* Valuation coverage and claims management

* Freight forwarding

* Debris removal

* Customs clearance and destination services

* Export or import documentation

Additional Customs Clearance Info

Relocation companies are required to receive a designated number of audits of their facilities and processes in any given year. These audits are established due to a customs trade partnership against terrorism program established by the Department of Homeland Security. In order to help ensure that moving companies provide dependable services regarding the customs process, these audits are carried out during the course of the year without prior notification to the company of the audit date.

Destination Services

Relocating to a new country, especially if it is your first time moving to that country, can be an experience that requires some transition and adjustment. International moving companies often provide destination services that help international moving customers orient to their new surroundings and environment. Some of the services that fall under this category include:

* Social security and driver’s license assistance

* Orientation

* Pre-decision consultation

* Move-in inspection assistance

* Full-service home finding

* Home purchase assistance

* Preview program/familiarization touring

* Escorted rental touring

* Settling in assistance

* Cost of living analysis (COLA)

* Lease signing assistance

* Departure services

The range of services offered by international moving companies is quite extensive as evidenced by the service lists above. If you are planning to move to a location outside of the U.S. in the near future, be sure to hire a mover that has the resources, properly trained personnel, and experience to facilitate your relocation efficiently.