Injured on the Job and Need to File a Claim? Consult a Workers Compensation Attorney


The last thing anyone wants is to be injured in the workplace. For many, having to take time off of work to recover from an injury can mean falling into a financial hole. This is why it’s important to first notify your employer and then proceed with a workers’ comp claim as soon as possible. If you wait to do so, you risk losing your right to benefits and the compensation you need to stay afloat financially. If the filing process is new to you or you have questions that need answering, a knowledgeable workers compensation attorney Iowa can help guide you.

Abide by Time Limits

Workers compensation laws differ depending on the state. Generally, the time limit is very narrow. Some states require that you file within 30 to 90 says, while others give you a much wider time frame to work with. Nevertheless, it’s important that you first notify your employer that you plan to file for workers’ comp. After you’ve given proper notice to your employer, you can proceed with the rest of the filing process. It’s also important to understand that there are exceptions to the statute of limitations for each state. If, for example, you suffered a head injury and were in a coma, you would not be expected to file within the usual time limit.

What You’ll Receive

Applying for workers’ comp can be a complex process, and what you’ll receive in one state, you may not receive in another. Generally, the benefits and compensation you’ll receive will be less than what you made while actively working. Workers compensation is a percentage of the wages you were earning at the time of your injury. They’re paid to you by your employer to help cover medical bills and provide proper health care so that you can recover. If you’re having a problem recovering benefits, need to file, or have questions, contact a workers compensation attorney. Iowa professionals can help you understand the laws of your state and give you helpful suggestions.