Indoor Air Quality Composed of Many Things Which Affect Families

HVAC Contractor

Homeowners are looking around their homes and wondering about their indoor air quality. Government agencies have published studies describing what pollutants enter homes and what these pollutants do a family’s health. Let’s examine some of the pollutants and how an AC in Jacksonville can help.


Homeowners taking a good deep breath of air inside their houses are inhaling dust, soil, ash, tobacco smoke, smoke from cooking and pollen. These pollutants cause headaches, fatigue, eye-nose-throat irritations, respiratory irritations and other infections. An AC company can keep family members from suffering these ailments with pleated and HEPA filters in the AC return and in the air exchange before particulates can hit the air ducts.


Indoor pollutants include gases that are odorless and can’t be seen or tasted. Radon and carbon monoxide top the list of dangerous gases filtered through the AC. Added to those are volatile organic compounds or VOCs, pesticides, carbon dioxide and combustion products like gas stoves. Excessive moisture, while not a gas, still challenges an AC system to prevent mold and mildew. In addition to the body’s reaction to pollutant side effects, mold and mildew can cause nausea, skin rashes and asthma. An AC company in Jacksonville would recommend an air purifier and/or a dehumidifier to control excess moisture in the air.


Bioaerosols can also be inhaled into the body. They include pet dander, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew. These cause the chest to tighten up, breathing to become shallow (call the EMTs immediately,) eye and throat irritations and skin rashes. An AC company can use a hybrid HEPA-UV filter to reduce or eliminate bioaerosols from contaminating the premises.

Now that homeowners know more about the contaminants that affect indoor air quality, it’s time to call in the cavalry. Make sure your entire family breathes clean air by calling Air McCall, Inc., or visit their website at for more information.