Impress Your Clients with a Corporate Event Venue in Edmonton

Event Planning

Let’s face it, appearance is everything when it comes to impressing your clients. You certainly don’t want to kill the deal before it starts by meeting your clients at a sub par venue or even worse, there’s no venue at all except your cramped conference room. Not to worry. Read below for the top ways to impress your clients with a corporate event venue in Edmonton.

Knock Their Socks Off

A sure fire way to knock your clients’ socks off is to impress them the moment they pull up to the corporate event venue in Edmonton. Of course, you should tour the facility before you book an event there. How does it look visually when you pull into the parking lot? Are there homeless people standing around the sidewalks or are there luxury cars and limousines in the parking lot pr something in between?

Next, what is your impression when you first walk in? Do you see a young teenager on staff chewing gum playing on their phone or are you met by professional greeters? You get the picture. Without a doubt, the room itself should look spectacular. You should book a room with chandeliers and linen covered tables and chairs. Let them choose off a menu or have a selection of foods already prepared.

Have Some Fun

You certainly don’t need to offer a full bar or all the bells and whistles, but the experience should be fun and memorable for the client. Never underestimate the entertainment factor. Think about hiring a juggler, mime or even a DJ. Use your creativity to design an event sure to impress.

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