Import VCF Into Outlook Saves Contact Information Directly to Outlook


The usefulness of Microsoft Outlook is never ending. From making appointments to keeping multiple schedules and inviting people to events, the organizing possibilities are simply endless. The communication technologies are incredibly useful as well, as you can email within the program. The only issue with Outlook’s usefulness is the amount of time it takes to type contacts’ information into the contacts section of Outlook and then the organizing the information once it’s there. It is a simply wonderful set-up after the initial work is put into it.

With Peg the difficult part is taken care of. Peg is an innovative program that allows individuals and companies to insert their contact information into their site, and people all over can gain access to it; with permission, of course. Emails don’t need long signatures with contact information, business cards no longer need to be passed around and lost; all that is necessary is the link to the person’s contact information and permission for you to access it.

Organization of these contacts from can be done in several different programs that are already popular ways of keeping contacts and communicating with them, such as Microsoft Outlook. All that has to be done is import vcf into outlook . From there, all the contact information you need is inserted into trusty Outlook, then you can easily organize it however you deem appropriate. On top of import vcf into outlook, Peg makes for a useful business card when you share your profile link. This is not only a greener option, but it also is a less scattered one. The program can be used with mobile devices or on desktops, which makes it a viable alternative to business cards.

Peg was started with time management in mind. Saving people and companies time and effort is the greatest concern of Peg. The company is always up for suggestions on how to make it more user friendly and useful as well.