Ideas for Engraved Wedding Rings


According to the statistics put forth by The Association for Wedding Professionals International, the average yearly spends on the wedding rings of the bride and the groom is around $1,016 in America. A sizeable portion of this is spent on engraved wedding rings, which makes your special occasion all the more coveted. This is one of the simplest ways of providing a truly personalized touch to your wedding. One can choose from a whole range of innovative ideas for the engravings.


Engraved Wedding Rings: Choice of Options

What you want to encrypt on your engraved wedding rings for the bride and groom will largely depend on your personal choice. After all, it is something essentially private. However, you can choose from the ideas provided below:


  • One of the most common ideas is to have a numeric encryption on your engraved wedding rings. This could be the date of births of the bride and groom. Alternatively, you can also use the date of marriage for remembrance. It is a great idea to opt for Roman numerals rather than the regular ones. This lends a classy look. You can opt for Chinese, Greek or even the Egyptian numeric system as well.
  • Coded messages of engraving s are also in vogue. You can use one for your wedding vows. However, make sure you remember the coding rules.
  • Another simple yet very personal idea is to simply have the names of the bride and the groom engraved on the rings. You can also have nicknames that you have been using to address each other privately. Some may prefer exotic scripts for engraving the names, while others would rely on plain and simple designs.
  • You can also opt for a monogram which ensures extreme privacy. The monogram will have the names of the bride and groom entwined in an interesting fashion. Mostly, the initials of the two names will be used. It is a metaphoric symbol of two independent lives coming together for life.
  • If you are a spiritual person, opt for a motto, a biblical verse or an inspirational phrase for your engraved wedding rings. You can use laser engraving technology to accommodate longer engravings on a traditional wedding ring.
  • If you have a common romantic song, which has brought you closer, you can engrave a verse or a line of the song on your wedding ring for that special touch.


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