Ice Sculptures Long Beach CA

Ice and Roller

Typically when you think of ice sculptures you think of wedding receptions, however the world of ice sculpting is much broader than that. Ice sculptures can be used for any event and are used in a wide array of venues.

A few of the places that folks use ice sculptures to enhance their surroundings are of course at weddings as we have already said, but also at special corporate parties, for military parties, in ice bars, at tropical vacation events, as table top centerpieces at baby showers, and even ice sculpting shows where the ice is created into a beautiful masterpiece right before you very eyes. This is just a small listing of the way ice sculptures are used to enhance our lives. Basically the sky is the limit when it comes to ice sculptures and where they can be used to liven up the environment.

As most of you know if you have ever been on a cruise ship, ice sculptures have become one the most well known attractions there. It is not unusual to walk into the dining hall of a cruise ship and see a new ice sculpture each and every night of your cruise. Ice sculptures are becoming almost a permanent fixture with cruise lines these days.

Many churches are getting into the action as well by having ice sculptures created for some of their events. They may even have an ice sculpture created to celebrate Easter during a church luncheon for example. Ice sculptures do not have to be during the summer months only, but can be used any time of the year.
Many corporate companies are beginning to use ice sculptures as a way of revealing their new corporate identity logo to their employees. They may have a party for their employees where the ice is carved before their eyes, revealing their new corporate logo for all to see and enjoy. These types of parties can be quite fun as they help to improve moral with anticipation of the revealing.

Ice bars are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. In ice bars, most everything there is made out of ice. Most times these types of bars will have what is called an ice luge. Guests in the ice bar will pour their room temperature drink down the ice luge and then collect their ice cold drink at the bottom of the luge. These types of ice sculptures can be quite fun for all.

Some people even use ice sculptures as serving trays for foods that need to be kept on ice. It makes the food display much more beautiful than typical ice cubes do.