HVAC Companies in Manhattan, NY and Three Problems Requiring Professional Maintenance

Heating and Air Conditioning

If you own a home or operate a business in New York, the HVAC is something you do not want to break down during the winter. New York winters can be quite brutal. Keeping your HVAC in constant working order is something you need to be proactive about. There are Hvac Companies in Manhattan & that can help you do just that. Here are three commonly related HVAC problems that they address.

1. One big problem experienced in the northern states during the winter is having the heat pump iced up. Although it is normal for the heat pump coil to ice up with a light ice or frost, winter or summer, it is not normal for the entire pump to ice up. When such happens, your unit will not be able to breathe for long. You will need to get some maintenance on it right away.
2. Sometimes it seems as if your heat pump will not blow warm air. First of all, assuming you understand that a heat pump does not put out heated air as a regular furnace would, it may actually be working properly. Heat pumps typically pump air that is cooler, although still warmer than the air would be in the house without it being on. Nonetheless, you may actually have a problem where the pump is not working. It could be anything from low refrigerant to a bad compressor to a reversing valve gone bad. It is best to call maintenance repair in such cases.
3. Customers often complain of high electric bills. Beyond the normal expectations of increased bills in extreme weather, your problem could be as simple as dirty air filters or it may be as complex as a damaged compressor. For the latter, calling a professional is recommended.

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