How Will I Know That It Is Time To Replace My Air Conditioner?

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Air Conditioning Replacement is something that sooner or later every homeowner is faced with. What is the right thing to do? Continue with repairs, which are becoming more frequent and more costly or replace the system in its entirety?

There are tell-tale signs that the homeowner will recognize, these signs will suggest that the time has come for replacement. Air conditioner replace should be considered when the system approaches ten years of age. Over the last few year’s equipment which carries the Energy Star label has hit the market, equipment with this label that has been correctly installed can easily save you 20% or more on your electric bill.

Air conditioner replace in Dallas should be done when the existing equipment needs frequent repairs, and your energy bill is increasing. These occurrences can indicate that your existing equipment is inefficient, and no amount of repair will change it. If the system makes excessive noise that is also an indicator.

Over the years, your air conditioning unit gradually deteriorates and during this time, the ducting system can also begin to deteriorate. Air conditioner replace in Dallas is not just the equipment, but the ducting can break down at the joints and become blocked by dust and litter. Poor ducting will be noticeable if your home has problems with humidity and dust. Ducts which are leaking can easily pull dust from areas of your home where it collects, such as attics, basements and crawl spaces.

At the same time the system is being replaced, the contractor who is chosen for the air conditioner replace Dallas area will do a thorough investigation of the duct work and repair any leaks and if necessary, arrange for a professional cleaning.

Replacing an old, outdated and inefficient system with another system which is not up to today’s standard should be avoided. A system replacement is an ideal time for a system upgrade as well. When an analysis of your home is being done, ask the contractor to perform a heat gain/loss calculation and determine the savings that can be made depending on the way your system is actually used. Modern equipment when combined with upgraded duct insulation or a redesigned duct system will provide rapid pay-back. The savings in power and the elimination of repetitive repairs will result in a very quick amortization of your investment.

Contractors who specialize in air conditioner replace in Dallas also check the house for ventilation, poorly sealed exterior power outlets, ceiling can lights; anything where valuable conditioned air can escape. It is one thing to cool the interior of your home; it’s quite another to air condition the outside.

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