How To Sell A Dental Practice In California


In California, existing dental practices present a new dental professional with a real chance to achieve success in their career. The properties are viable investments that offer dentists their own space and helps them accommodate the needs of more patients. A real estate agent helps local dental professionals sell a dental practice in California.

Choose a Listing Price for the Property

The practice owner must reach an agreement on the listing price for the dental practice. The real estate agent conducts market analysis and determines what the market value of the property is. The owner reviews the valuation and decides according to their preferences and after determining the most realistic approach to marketing the practice.

Disclose All That Comes with the Property

The property listing discloses everything that comes with the property. Some dental practices are sold with existing furniture, equipment, and the current roster of patients. The terms of the sale are also included in the listing with all expectations.

Advertise the Dental Practice

The real estate broker creates a marketing plan for advertising the property. Typically, the property is listed on the company website with all of its best features. The agent uploads images and details about the dental practice on websites where property buyers visit frequently. The marketing plan also includes listings and posts on social media profiles that increase the visibility of the ads and places them in front of a broader market.

Accept Offers from Buyers

Next, the seller reviews all offers submitted by prospective buyers. The offers must meet the seller’s expectations and could include some conditions. For example, the buyer may request that the seller pays a portion of the closing costs. The sales contract details all conditions and stipulations related to the real estate transaction.

In California, dental practices offer dentists an invaluable investment. The properties offer equipment and impressive designs for dental professionals. When creating the listing, the owner must determine the listing price and disclose all details about the sale. Real estate agents offer marketing plans for the properties. Dental professionals who want to learn more about how to sell a dental practice in California are encouraged to visit for more information.