How to Select a Storage Facility

Moving and Storage

Storage rental units provide additional space to put away items that do not fit into and area around your home or office. Whether you are relocating or need to create more space around your facilities; there are some important tips you should follow.

The first thing you should figure out is the amount of space you will need. Visualize the additional items that can be placed within the storage if stacked on top, to maximize the square footage of useable space for smaller units. Also, consider bringing your own shelving into a storage unit to stack more items. The outcome will be that you can fit more items than you originally thought.

Figure out what is the best option for Storage in Virginia Beach that will meet your basic requirements. There are some self-storage places that offer a drive-through option directly to the front of your unit. Several self-storage facilities are also located within buildings and have several floors; these may require the use of a freight elevator to move your things to the unit. Portable storage containers are typically designed for small renovation projects, which can be parked outside your home.

When choosing a storage unit check to ensure that the facilities have proper security measures in place, are kept clean, climate controlled and offer excellent customer service. Contact storage facilities to check if they offer security gates and if they require a secure key code for access, instead of a padlock. Security gates that have padlocks should not only be the defense against burglaries. Typically, padlocks can be broken with a pair of bolt cutters. Also, verify that the storage facility has installed and all alarms on their doors are working. Security alarms should serve as a timekeeper, which keeps track of each time a storage unit has been accessed.

The storage facilities are not responsible for your merchandise. Insurance coverage is the responsibility of whoever rents the storage unit. Act responsibly and get insurance for your unit if the items that are stored away are considered valuable. There are storage facilities that will offer coverage for an additional fee. However, if you are not satisfied with their terms check with your own agent, you may be able to get extra coverage under your homeowner’s insurance.