How To Pick The Right Kind Of Carpet


There’s nothing like kicking off your shoes at the end of a long day and feeling the soft and luxurious feel of carpet underneath your feet. It’s provides a comfortable place for the kids to play and a nice spot to sit on the floor with friends or family to watch a movie. But with so many colors, carpet materials and styles, finding the right carpeting in Tucson for your floor can be a challenge. There are carpets that don’t need much cleaning, carpets that need a lot of cleaning and carpets that may fade out quickly. There is so much to consider when looking for carpet.

The first thing you should do is consider your lifestyle and the functionality of each room you want to carpet. Certain carpets such as “plush” carpets leave behind footprint tracks and vacuum tracks because of the softer fibers. This type of carpet may be best for low traffic areas. Berber carpeting in Tucson however is best for high traffic areas like a child’s playroom or the family room. They don’t show any tracks and it is difficult to see dirt. Textured carpeting is another type of carpet that is good for high traffic areas. If you have young children or pets, you may want to avoid hard to clean carpets. A good stain resistant carpet can make cleaning less of a hassle and you will avoid the frustration of spills on your carpet.

Choosing a carpet color can be a big job as well. Should you go with neutral colors or something a little brighter? The best thing to do is to get carpet samples and hold them against the walls in your home and decide that way which color looks best in which room. Of course darker carpets can hide stains better but light and neutral carpet colors put more of a focus on walls and art decor you have displayed. That is something to consider.

It’s also important to keep the budget in mind. It may be worth it to spend the extra money on carpet in the living room or family room, but a guest room does not need the most expensive type of carpet if it is not going to be used that often. Be sure to shop around when it comes to buying carpet so you can get the most affordable carpet.

Overall, it’s important to choose carpeting in Tucson that looks good, feels good and does not require a lot of maintenance. Shop around to find the best carpet for your home.


Choosing the right kind of carpeting in Tucson can make maintaining and cleaning your carpet easier. Choose carpeting in Tucson that is stain resistant or hides dirt in high traffic areas.