How to Make the Most of the Old Jewelry You Don’t Know What to Do With


Most of us have some old jewelry pieces in our home that we aren’t quite sure what to do with but aren’t ready to let go of just yet. We often inherit pieces like this from our grandparents or other older relatives and hesitate to part with these items because of their sentimental value.

Your old jewelry doesn’t have to sit unused in a box in the back of your dresser. You can make the most of it and bring these pieces back to life by following some simple tips.

Get the Pieces Repaired

Many of us let our old jewelry sit unworn because it has a defect or needs repair. Thankfully, just about any jewelry defect can be repaired these days. For example, if an old ring is missing its stone you can visit a jeweler who specializes in loose diamond sales. This allows you to restore a family treasure and wear it proudly instead of letting it sit in a box.

Have Your Jewelry Appraised

If you don’t want to hold on to an old piece of jewelry but know that it’s too valuable to give away, consider having it professionally appraised. An appraiser can tell you what it’s worth and guide you toward antique or consignment stores where you can sell your old items. Some items might have historical value and can even be donated to museums or historical societies, which can often lead to a tax deduction for the donor.

Old jewelry can often have more value than we realize. If you are interested in loose diamond sales to help bring an old item back to life, visit Lincroft Village Jewelers, a family business serving Monmouth County customers since 2005.

No matter what might be wrong with that old ring your grandmother gave you, it can be repaired and enjoyed again!