How To Keep Your Area Rugs Looking Their Best


With the popularity of hard wood or stone flooring increasing, the use of the area rug as a way to provide warmth and softness in a room has increased as well. No longer is the area rug simply a mat in front of the kitchen sink but now has become a central design element in main rooms for many people’s homes. Ensuring that your rugs get the best care and proper Rug Cleaning Santa Monica CA will help you to keep them looking their best so that your home’s décor stays fresh and beautiful for as long as possible.

One thing to consider when purchasing an area rug, especially a large one, is the material it is made with. Different materials will repel or accept stains differently and you will want to match the fabric with your lifestyle. If the rug is to be used in your dining room and you have a family with four children, making sure that your area rug can be easily cleaned affordably and regularly is critical. If, however, you have no children in your home and your new area rug is to be used as an elegant and beautiful design piece in a den or other such room, your options for delicate fabrics and construction are greater.

No matter what fabric or style of rug you end up selecting, regular vacuuming is critical to maintaining the rug’s brilliance. Any rug should be vacuumed weekly at a minimum and likely more often depending on the level of use and presence of any pets as well. In addition to taking care of your rug with regular vacuuming, making sure to have professional rug cleaning in Santa Monica CA is also important. Even the best vacuum is not a replacement for a thorough and professional deep clean. Just as you have your regular wall to wall carpet cleaned every so often, so should you have your area rugs treated to a good rug cleaning in Santa Monica CA. You may even find that the same service that provides your carpet cleaning can clean your area rugs. Many companies also offer upholstery cleaning. When you work with your vendor, you may find it more affordable than you thought to have all of these types of cleaning done together. The synergy you will enjoy and the level of clean throughout your home will be a lovely benefit for you and your family.

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