How to Get Your CDL License in Illinois


If you have decided to get your CDL License in Illinois, you may be wondering where you should actually get started in order to obtain this goal. Don’t worry, getting your CDL License in Illinois is not as complicated as it may seem at first!

Step #1- Enroll in a commercial driving school or find a job where they offer training. It is possible, in theory, to get your CDL License in Illinois without taking this step, but it is more difficult because the state does not supply you with an appropriate vehicle in order to take your driving tests.

Step #2- Study the Illinois State CDL Study Guide and practice driving. You will need to know the information in the Study Guide both for the test and for your safety while driving, so it’s important to learn it as well as possible.

Step #3- Get your Illinois CDL Instructional Permit. This is very similar to a driving permit and is valid for one year. You will need to pass a vision exam and a written, multiple choice test. There may be additional tests required if you need additional certifications or classes such as air brakes, school bus, passenger carriage, etc.

Step #4- Continue to practice driving. There is nothing that can replace lots of road time and experience for training for your CDL License in Illinois.

Step #5- Take your road test. This test will put you behind the wheel of a commercial truck or vehicle and have you drive it through several obstacles that have been designed to simulate on the road driving experiences. This is also when you may have additional test for those extra certifications that you have been practicing for.

Once you pass your road test, you will officially have your CDL License in Illinois!

Keep in mind, however, that you will also need to have a Medical Examiners Certificate on you at all times when you are driving a commercial vehicle in Illinois. This just certifies that you are healthy enough to handle this huge piece of equipment without causing safety issues to other people. The Illinois State Police handle all issues relating to the procurement of this certificate, not the Department of Motor Vehicles.