How To Detect And Treat Bed Bug Infestations

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Pest infestations come in many forms. Cockroaches and ants often come to mind when thinking about common forms of infestations. However, bed bugs are also a legitimate form of infestation that is often overlooked. The reason for this is because they are so tiny and hard to detect with the naked eye. No one suspects that their home is infested with bed bugs until the symptoms of rashes begin appearing on their body.

What are bed bugs? They are a species of parasitic bugs that feed on blood. Bed bugs normally make their residence inside the mattresses of beds, which is where they derived their name from. However, they can also make a home for themselves inside the cracks and crevices of furniture. Bed bugs in MA can be problematic; a bite can cause a red rash and also lead to severe allergies.

Hardly anyone ever suspects their home much less their beds of being infested with bed bugs. However, you should run a quick inspection if you have noticed rashes appearing on your body. If you have traveled and stayed at a hotel, then that is another reason to suspect bed bugs. They are often present in hotel beds and can cling on to your clothing and belongings. Once you get home, they will make a new home on your bed and furniture.

Luckily, the solution is treatable. There are some sprays that can be purchased in any store that is designed to kill bed bugs. However, these kinds of sprays aren’t always effective. If you want to get rid of bed bugs in MA for good, then your best bet is to contact a pest control center. Not all pest control services deal with bed bugs, so be sure that the service you call is equipped to deal with them.

An exterminator will take a look at your mattress and other furniture for traces of the critters. Once detected, measures will be taken to eliminate the entire colony. The method used will often not involve any form of poison, so it will not contaminate your bed or furniture or require you to replace them.

Bed bugs in MA are no different than any other pests. The minute you realize your own bed and furniture is infested, you need to take appropriate measures right away by calling a certified pest control agency.

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