How to Buy Spotify Playlist Plays to Increase Exposure in the US

Music Promotion

If you are a new musician trying to break into the business or an independent musician trying to compete with large music label companies, getting exposure in the U.S. market as a musician can be a difficult task. Fortunately, buying Spotify playlist plays provides you with the ability to increase your visibility.

Increased Streams Increase Chart Visibility

When you buy Spotify playlist plays, your music can start appearing on Spotify charts. Once you appear on Spotify’s charts based on playlist plays, your music will gain exposure to new listeners who will be interested to see what type of new music is making its way onto the charts alongside their favorite music.

Playlists Plays Can Lead to Verification

If you are a new or independent musician, one of your goals should be to become verified on the Spotify platform. However, the verification process requires you to have a large number of followers and a record of consistent plays. Buying playlist plays can help you satisfy both criteria needed for verification.

Independent Artists Can Attract Big Name Labels

If you are a new independent artist, getting the attention of a big name record label might be part of your musical goals. Record labels are aware that online platforms like Spotify are one of the best places to find the next big musical star. They look for musicians who have a significant amount of plays and followers on Spotify. By buying playlist plays on the platform, you can start to build an audience that can help you get the record label attention you crave.

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