How Home Health Care Dayton Assists the Aged and Disabled


Truly there is no other industry so gratefully received by those who need it as the home health care nurse from Home Health Care Dayton. In this country, the statistics on the number of unpaid family members providing home care to the elderly is staggering. Frequently this care turns out to be loving but unskilled care, as wives, daughters, sons, grandchildren, and other family members find themselves in the position of nursing people without ever having been prepared for the job.

Would you recognize an elderly person’s impacted bowel and know what to do for it? Do you know how to change the sheets on a bedridden person’s bed? How about how to prevent and treat bed sores? Do you know what can be done to prolong an elderly person’s mobility for as long as possible? How to bathe a person who can barely walk? Not many lay people have these skills, but in homes all across aging America, lay people are pressed into these roles none the less.

Of course aging patients are not the only ones who benefit from the services of Home Health Care Dayton. There are many others with health concerns that run the entire gamut of illness who need respiratory therapy, IV therapy, occupational, physical or speech therapy, or perhaps just a regular lab draw or diabetic maintenance care. The specific need isn’t nearly as important to most home health care nurses as the person with the need. Horizon Home Health Care LLC is ready to step in and assist when the burden and/or skill level needed in order to properly care for the patient exceeds the caretaker’s abilities. Different levels of skilled workers are available to offer assistance with everything from light household duties to therapeutic care to skilled nursing. Home health care enables many elderly and chronically ill people to live as independently as possible for as long as possible. Being able to delay long term nursing home care for as long as possible is usually a desirable goal both in terms of money saved as well as in terms of comfort and quality of life for the patient.

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