How Exterminators Detect Bed Bugs In Westchester County NY

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If you have had, or know someone who has had bed bugs, you’re probably familiar with how difficult it can be to determine that they are your problem, and even harder to get rid of. Because of how easily bed bugs in Westchester County NY travel from one place to another, it can be extremely difficult to know that you’ve encountered the pests until they’ve successfully set up shop in your home. This article will discuss a few of the things that exterminators look for when it comes to bed bugs so you can be on the lookout in your residence.

Bed bugs in Westchester County NY are small, which is one reason that they are difficult to detect. Similar in size and shape to an apple seed, these pests are just the right size to hide in corners and tight spaces in couches, beds, and even the collar of your shirt. When an exterminator conducts an inspection in your home, they will probably be keeping a close eye out for nits, tiny white eggs, and living or dead Bed bugs in Westchester County NY area that vary in stages of their life cycle. Though difficult to spot, eggs and early growth nymphs, which are bed bugs that have not yet reached adulthood, could be an indicator that you have not only encountered bed bugs, but could also have an infestation in your home.

Many times, finding eggs or living bed bugs in Westchester County NY can be quite a challenge. So other things that an exterminator may look for are red or brown stains on surfaces that could be the result of a bug that was crushed, or even the feces that they’ve left behind in clothing or on furniture. Of course, either of these signs would be very small, but they can help diagnose your problem.

Because the visual inspection of your home can be unreliable if your infestation has not yet grown to larger proportions, many exterminators with experience in handling bed bugs in Westchester County NY have been turning to other, more advanced, methods of detection. Some businesses now employ specially-trained dogs that can actually smell bed bugs on and in furniture and even appliances. Canine detection offers a speedier pest identification because dogs’ senses surpass the limits that stand in the way of human visual inspection.

Though training your own bed bug detecting dog is probably not realistic, you can keep an eye out for the various signs mentioned in this article. If you do come across signs that suggest that you may have a bed bug infestation, contacting a qualified exterminator that employs methods like canine detection could be the right way to resolve the issue in a timely manner.


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