How Eco-friendly are Skylights?

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Corporate business houses and large commercial complexes are adapting more energy saving technologies to conserve and protect the environment and reduce fuel bills. Skylights are an excellent way of reducing electricity and energy consumption and improving the ambience of your space. Natural light is a mood elevator and improves efficiency and health. Your employees and staff would benefit from exposure to natural light rather than the harsh glare of artificial lighting.

Skylights are also ideal for enhancing an architectural feature, or creating an impression of spaciousness. They are popular in atriums and have been used for thousands of years as a unique way to light up a large area. The oculus at the Pantheon is a case in point that illustrates its use in classical Greek architecture.

Designing and installing a skylight with professional help can significantly reduce your lighting and energy bills. You stand to reduce your energy bills by 80% if you use natural daylight. The downside is that those skylights that are improperly constructed and have faulty installation, can lead to leaks and condensation issues. “Effective aperture” is the term used to describe the optimal area for installing a skylight. Energy efficient glazing limits the solar heat gain and permits maximum transmission of light. Certain high performance glazing blocks up to 95% of ultraviolet rays and reduces window heat gain.

Lumira Aerogel technology (Earlier known as Nanogel aerogel) is one such high performance daylight product that is currently available in the market. Acting as an active thermal insulator it completely and totally ceases connective as well as conductive thermal transfer without light transmissions dropping appreciably. These green technologies enable commercial houses, community halls and other large structures to conserve energy and provide efficient eco-friendly lighting throughout the year.

Skylights can also be installed in your home or apartment. If you have a dark loft area or any area that needs extra lighting, installing a fixed skylight may be the answer. A kitchen area can be installed with a ventilating skylight that can be opened. The overhead window aperture can provide better ventilation for a stuffy kitchen. The glazing can be of glass, acrylic, polycarbonates and a number of lightweight and cost-effective materials that are not easy to break. Glass comes in a variety of colors, textures and can be customized to any size. Unlike plastic, glass does not scratch easily and are effective in blocking UV light through skylights. Iowa residents can find a wide variety of choices for residential and commercial use.

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