How Can One Take Medical Marijuana In Northbrook Illinois?

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Health

As a basic concept; you can take it orally as raw leaves, juice, and oil; or, as one of the ingredients in cooked foodstuffs. Alternatively, you can use it the same way as most recreational users – which is usually by inhalation; whether smoking or by other means. What you are looking for is not to get high but to obtain relief from a debilitating condition that is affecting the quality of your life.

How’s This Relief Achieved?

This is the crucial point when it comes to society’s attitudes to the use of cannabis (medicinal or otherwise). No one is 100% certain as to what is actually happening when a sufferer takes something that is classified as a class 1 substance on the Federal Government’s 1970 list of Controlled Substances Act. It might be an observable fact that the patient shows signs of improved comfort and less distress but what is the hard science behind this?

The Class 1 classification is reserved for drugs that have a high potential for misuse and abuse; have no currently accepted medicinal use and where there is a lack of existing accepted safety measures for that use. The problem being that no one is quite sure who it will be that will be recognized to provide such acceptable and proven evidence to convince both the Drug Enforcement and Food and Drug Administrations that medicinal cannabis needs to be reclassified. Despite a wealth of clinical reports on patient’s gaining much improvement from the use of medicinal cannabis; the Federal Authorities remain steadfast in their stance that all use (including legitimate research) is illegal.

What We Do Know?

We know that the active ingredient is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is responsible for both the recreational high and the remedial effects. We also know that the natural plant contains many other cannabidiols that can cause changes in a user’s mind and body.

There is even some evidence that shows that our bodies can generate endogenous cannabinoids and that; if natural levels are low, then; the body will suffer functional breakdowns. Linked to this is reliable evidence that taking medical marijuana in Northbrook (or anywhere else) can raise these natural levels to a point where bodily functions return to normal.

What Can A Sufferer Do?

Fortunately; in Illinois, the State has passed a Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act that; under strictly controlled rules, does allow any qualified person to purchase and use small quantities of therapeutic cannabis. Therefore; under State Law, such use is legal.

For sufferers whose doctors certify that they would benefit from Medical Marijuana in Northbrook; Greenhouse are establishing a number of fully licensed dispensaries where suitably qualified people can legally purchase their state legal quota, contact now.

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